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The incidence of joint fractures is increasing and has become one of the major health problems in developed countries. Our low-cost motivated rehabilitation system enables clinicians to prescribe, demonstrate and monitor patient rehabilitation protocols during and between clinical visits. With its unique biofeedback feature it is useful for continuous(More)
—The computer science classes in China's institutions of higher education often have large numbers of students. In addition , many institutions offer " blended " classes that include both on-campus and online students. These large blended classrooms have long suffered from a lack of interactivity. Many online classes simply provide recorded instructor(More)
and the British Journal of Educational Technology. She has also published book chapters on engaged learning in online problem solving, Cybergogy for interactive learning online, informal learning via the Internet, and effective learning in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. (17 000 students). Shen's research and development specialty focus on(More)
Proper classification of action potentials from extracellular recordings is essential for making an accurate study of neuronal behavior. Many spike sorting algorithms have been presented in the technical literature. However, no comparative analysis has hitherto been performed. In our study, three widely-used publicly-available spike sorting algorithms(More)
The dopaminergic system plays an important role in the etiology of schizophrenia, and most antipsychotic drugs exert their functions by blocking dopamine D(2) receptors (D(2)Rs). Since the signaling strength mediated by D(2)Rs is regulated by internalization and degradation processes, it is crucial to identify molecules that modulate D(2)R localization at(More)
There is evidence that rotors could be drivers that maintain atrial fibrillation. Complex fractionated atrial electrograms have been located in rotor tip areas. However, the concept of electrogram fractionation, defined using time intervals, is still controversial as a tool for locating target sites for ablation. We hypothesize that the fractionation(More)
Melanoma is a cancer with rising incidence and new therapeutics are needed. For this, it is necessary to understand the molecular mechanisms of melanoma development and progression. Melanoma differs from other cancers by its ability to produce the pigment melanin via melanogenesis; this biosynthesis is essentially regulated by microphthalmia-associated(More)
Lineage-specific transcription factors determine the cell fate during development. Direct conversion of several cell types into other lineages has been achieved by the overexpression of specific transcription factors. Even cancer cells have been demonstrated to be amenable to transdifferentiation. Here, we identified a distinct set of transcription factors,(More)