Daniel Nisim Cohen

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In this reply, the authors point out that the simulations reported by (1998) did not incorporate mechanisms proposed to explain set size effects in J. (1990). The authors report a new simulation that incorporates these mechanisms and more accurately simulates S. M. Kanne et al.'s empirical data. The authors then point to other factors that could be explored(More)
This paper analyzes what stylistic characteristics differentiate different styles of writing, and specifically types of different A-level computer science articles. To do so, we compared various full papers using stylistic feature sets and a supervised machine learning method. We report on the success of this approach in identifying papers from the last 6(More)
This paper analyzes what linguistic features differentiate true and false stories written in Hebrew. To do so, we have defined four feature sets containing 145 features: POS-tags, quantitative, repetition, and special expressions. The examined corpus contains stories that were composed by 48 native Hebrew speakers who were asked to tell both false and true(More)
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