Daniel Nedelcu

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Oxysterols bind the seven-transmembrane protein Smo (Smo) and potently activate vertebrate Hedgehog (Hh) signaling, a pathway essential in embryonic development, adult stem cell maintenance and cancer. It is unknown, however, whether oxysterols are important for normal vertebrate Hh signaling and whether antagonizing oxysterols can inhibit the Hh pathway.(More)
To determine which of seven library design algorithms best introduces new protein function without destroying it altogether, seven combinatorial libraries of green fluorescent protein variants were designed and synthesized. Each was evaluated by distributions of emission intensity and color compiled from measurements made in vivo. Additional comparisons(More)
In vertebrates, sterols are necessary for Hedgehog signaling, a pathway critical in embryogenesis and cancer. Sterols activate the membrane protein Smoothened by binding its extracellular, cysteine-rich domain (CRD). Major unanswered questions concern the nature of the endogenous, activating sterol and the mechanism by which it regulates Smoothened. We(More)
Cholesterol is a fundamental lipid component of eukaryotic membranes and a precursor of potent signaling molecules, such as oxysterols and steroid hormones. Cholesterol and oxysterols are also essential for Hedgehog signaling, a pathway critical in embryogenesis and cancer. Despite their importance, the use of imaging sterols in cells is currently very(More)
The Romanian Astronomical Plate Archive consists of 10550 plates of which 8169 are of ast roids observations. A total of 850 asteroids and 78 comets were observed in the 1930-2005 period. After a careful investigation of the whole plate archive we discovered that a series of observations were not capitalized, such as a set of minor planets which were(More)
Our time at the Computing Beyond Silicon Summer School, hosted by Caltech, gave us a unique opportunity to explore new concepts and learn about advances in modern information processing that interest us. We chose to study quantum computation using quantum dot systems because of their potential for bringing forth a solid-sate quantum information processing(More)
The boundary between classical information and quantum information is investigated. More specifically, the stabilizer formalism and the simulation of entangled states are considered. It is shown that Bell state correlations arising from measurements from the Pauli group can be simulated using local hidden variables. An explicit protocol for simulating GHZ(More)
The synaptic adhesion molecules Neurexin and Neuroligin alter the development and function of synapses and are linked to autism in humans. In C. elegans, post-synaptic Neurexin (NRX-1) and pre-synaptic Neuroligin (NLG-1) mediate a retrograde synaptic signal that inhibits acetylcholine (ACh) release at neuromuscular junctions. Here, we show that the(More)
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