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This work shows an extension of dual-modifier adaptation methodology for RTO to reduce the infeasibilities. The main idea is to add a PI controller that is activated only when the measurements shows a violation in the constraints. Since the dual problem is solved to estimate the gradients of the process, an additional controller must be considered in order(More)
This paper explores the impact of exchange rate pegs on the fiscal stance of emerging markets during the nineties. We empirically show that announcing the pegs had deleterious effects on fiscal discipline, while 'de facto' pegs which were not announced delivered superior fiscal outcomes. The evidence suggests that this was due to the initial positive(More)
The following paper presents a mathematical formulation for the synthesis of heat exchanger networks (HEN's), taking into account different types of heat exchangers (HE's) and several conditions of operation. The model is developed using a disjunctive formulation into a preexistent multiperiod model. The Multiperiod-Disjunctive-MINLP was tested in an(More)
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