Daniel N. Wood

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A <italic>surface light field</italic> is a function that assigns a color to each ray originating on a surface. Surface light fields are well suited to constructing virtual images of shiny objects under complex lighting conditions. This paper presents a framework for construction, compression, interactive rendering, and rudimentary editing of surface light(More)
Accuracy is the ubiquitous goal of dynamic simulation, in order to yield the “correct” motion. But for creating animation, what is really of interest is “plausible” motion, which is somewhat different. We discuss what we mean by plausible simulation, how it differs from “accurate” simulation, and why we think it’s a worthwhile area to study. The discussion(More)
We describe a new approach for simulating apparent camera motion through a 3D environment. The approach is motivated by a traditional technique used in 2D cel animation, in which a single background image, which we call a multiperspective panorama, is used to incorporate multiple views of a 3D environment as seen from along a given camera path. When viewed(More)
Purpose. The aims were to correlate individual marrow metabolic changes after chemotherapy with bone marrow biopsy (BMBx) for its potential value of personalized care in lymphoma. Methods. 26 patients (mean age, 58 ± 15 y; 13 female, 13 male) with follicular lymphoma or diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, referred to FDG-PET/CT imaging, who had BMBx from(More)
Streptococcus pyogenes, in addition to causing fulminant disease, can be carried asymptomatically and may survive in the host without causing disease. Long-term stationary-phase cultures were used to characterize the metabolism of cultures surviving after glucose depletion. Survival of stationary-phase cultures in glucose-depleted rich medium was truncated(More)
We present a view-dependent level-of-detail algorithm for triangle meshes with subdivision connectivity. The algorithm is more suitable for textured meshes of arbitrary topology than existing progressive mesh-based schemes. It begins with a wavelet decomposition of the mesh, and, per frame, finds a partial sum of wavelets necessary for high-quality(More)
In addition to causing fulminant disease, Streptococcus pyogenes may be asymptomatically carried between recurrent episodes of pharyngitis. To better understand streptococcal carriage, we characterized in vitro long-term stationary-phase survival (>4 weeks) of S. pyogenes. When grown in sugar-limited Todd-Hewitt broth, S. pyogenes cells remained culturable(More)
BACKGROUND In 2010, mass vaccination with a then-new meningococcal A polysaccharide-tetanus toxoid protein conjugate vaccine (PsA-TT, or MenAfriVac) was undertaken in 1- to 29-year-olds in Bamako, Mali. Whether vaccination with PsA-TT effectively boosts tetanus immunity in a population with heterogeneous baseline tetanus immunity is not known. We assessed(More)
To assess the immunogenicity of pneumococcal vaccine in recipients of heart transplants, we immunized 35 long-term transplantation survivors with pneumococcal vaccine and measured the pre- and postvaccination IgG antibody titers to 5 representative vaccine capsular polysaccharides. Responses of heart transplant recipients to pneumococcal vaccine antigens(More)