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The primary objective of this article is to review information pertinent to and emphasize the seriousness of a potential adverse monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI)-serotonin uptake inhibitor interaction by considering, within the context of preclinical data, clinical cases in which an MAOI and fluoxetine hydrochloride, a specific serotonin uptake inhibitor,(More)
OBJECTIVE A comprehensive meta-analysis of clinical trial data was performed to assess the possible association of fluoxetine and suicidality (suicidal acts and ideation). DESIGN Retrospective analysis of pooled data from 17 double blind clinical trials in patients with major depressive disorder comparing fluoxetine (n = 1765) with a tricyclic(More)
UNLABELLED The effect of teriparatide and risedronate on back pain was tested, and there was no difference in the proportion of patients experiencing a reduction in back pain between groups after 6 or 18 months. Patients receiving teriparatide had greater increases in bone mineral density and had fewer vertebral fractures. INTRODUCTION This study aimed to(More)
Data regarding open-label treatment with fluoxetine following failure to respond to tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) or intolerance of TCA side effects, suggest a response rate between 51.4% and 62.1%, depending on the definition of TCA refractoriness employed. Double-blind study of this issue would extend these findings. Fluoxetine is well tolerated in(More)
Interview data on aspects of sex and eroticism from a sample of 10 chromosomally male (XY) patients with the complete testicular feminization (androgen insensitivity) syndrome and from a sample of 23 patients with the late-treated adrenogenital syndrome showed marked differences. Homosexual experiences and/or dreams were lacking in the androgen-insensitive(More)
Since (a) obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) may involve serotonergic neural transmission abnormalities also though to be related to regulation of suicide and aggression, (b) comorbidity between OCD and depression is substantial, and (c) depression is a major risk factor for suicide, a comprehensive analysis of clinical trial data was undertaken to assess(More)
Teriparatide has been commercially available in the United States (US) for over 3 years. This summary spans the early experience with this therapy. As of December 31, 2005, over 235 000 patients had filled a prescription for teriparatide world-wide. Data collected from July to December 2004, from 15,000 retail pharmacies in the US, indicated that the mean(More)