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Performance loss due to long-latency memory accesses can be reduced by servicing multiple memory accesses concurrently. The notion of generating and servicing long-latency cache misses in parallel is called Memory Level Parallelism (MLP). MLP is not uniform across cache misses - some misses occur in isolation while some occur in parallel with other misses.(More)
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AGENCIES CAN HELP OVERSEAS NURSES FIND JOBS IN HOSPITALS Polish nurse Agnieszka Wroblewska is having difficulty getting a job in a hospital (Letters January 21) and asks are nurses from the European Union only permitted to fill the gaps in nursing homes in the UK? I am a Polish nurse and have been living in the UK since 2004. I worked as a healthcare(More)
The hybrid-hybrid monoclonal antibody 28-19-8 has specificity for the tumour-associated antigen carcinoembryonic antigen and the vinca alkaloids. This bifunctional antibody has been used to target unmodified vinblastine sulphate to well-established MAWI human tumour xenografts implanted in nude mice. The highly significant suppression of tumour growth(More)
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