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Semantically-Enabled Sensor Plug & Play for the Sensor Web
Environmental sensors have continuously improved by becoming smaller, cheaper, and more intelligent over the past years. As consequence of these technological advancements, sensors are increasinglyExpand
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Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers
The demand for reproducible research is on the rise in disciplines concerned with data analysis and computational methods. Therefore, we reviewed current recommendations for reproducible research andExpand
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The R software environment in reproducible geoscientific research
Reproducibility is an important aspect of scientific research, because the credibility of science is at stake when research is not reproducible. Like science, the development of good, reliableExpand
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Reproducibility and Practical Adoption of GEOBIA with Open-Source Software in Docker Containers
Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) mostly uses proprietary software,but the interest in Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) for GEOBIA is growing. This interest stems not only from costExpand
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Connecting R to the Sensor Web
data exchange and reproducibility are increasingly important for modern scientific research. This paper shows how three open source projects work together to realize this: (i) the R project,Expand
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Reproducible Research is like riding a bike
Reproducibility is a fundamental pillar in science but it has recently been described as hard and challenging to achieve, as stated in numerous editorials and papers, some of which alert on aExpand
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How to Read a Research Compendium
Researchers spend a great deal of time reading research papers. Keshav (2012) provides a three-pass method to researchers to improve their reading skills. This article extends Keshav's method forExpand
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Opening the Publication Process with Executable Research Compendia
A strong movement towards openness has seized science. Open data and methods, open source software, Open Access, open reviews, and open research platforms provide the legal and technical solutions toExpand
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Discovering the Sensor Web through Mobile Applications
Sensor data is crucial for mobile applications to support the user in the field. Several mobile applications are available for accessing such sensor data. However, a comprehensive approach forExpand
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containerit: Generating Dockerfiles for reproducible research with R
Linux containers have become a promising tool to increase transparency, portability, and reproducibility of research in several domains and use cases: data science (Boettiger, 2015), softwareExpand
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