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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are increasingly implicated in regulating the malignant progression of cancer. Here we show that miR-9, which is upregulated in breast cancer cells, directly targets CDH1, the E-cadherin-encoding messenger RNA, leading to increased cell motility and invasiveness. miR-9-mediated E-cadherin downregulation results in the activation of(More)
Gene expression analysis of microRNA molecules is becoming increasingly important. In this study we assess the use of the mean expression value of all expressed microRNAs in a given sample as a normalization factor for microRNA real-time quantitative PCR data and compare its performance to the currently adopted approach. We demonstrate that the mean(More)
BACKGROUND Amplified MYCN oncogene resulting in deregulated MYCN transcriptional activity is observed in 20% of neuroblastomas and identifies a highly aggressive subtype. In MYCN single-copy neuroblastomas, elevated MYCN mRNA and protein levels are paradoxically associated with a more favorable clinical phenotype, including disseminated tumors that(More)
High incidence of chemotherapy resistance is the primary cause of treatment failure in a subset of neuroblastomas with amplified MYCN. We have reported previously that ectopic MYCN expression promotes proliferation of neuroblastoma Tet21N cells and simultaneously sensitizes them to the drug-induced apoptosis. In search for genes that are involved in(More)
The relevance to IPY: A primary objective of IPY and SEARCH is to characterize and model the circumpolar patterns of carbon, water and energy. The Greening of the Arctic (GOA) IPY initiative will determine the spatial and temporal variability of ongoing large-scale changes in the abundance and distribution of plant biomass in the Arctic – a factor that(More)
  • Lori Caelwaerts, Christopher Hoeft, Travis Kangas, Edward Konwinski, Daniel Muth, Appendices Appendix +3 others
  • 2004
Chapter One Figure 1.1: Wilkinson tract in relation to the state of Michigan. 1.2 Figure 1.2: Digital orthophoto showing location of Wilkinson Tract in Baraga. 1.3 Figure 1.3: A view of the scrub/shrub swamp on the Wilkinson tract. 1.4 Figure 1.4: Photo of one of several mineral marshes present. 1.4 Figure 1.5: A conifer swamp located on Wilkinson tract.(More)
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