Daniel Moura

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The influence of alpha2-autoreceptors on the facilitation of [3H]-noradrenaline release mediated by angiotensin II was studied in prostatic portions of rat vas deferens preincubated with [3H]-noradrenaline. Angiotensin II enhanced tritium overflow evoked by trains of 100 pulses at 8 Hz, an effect that was attenuated by the AT1-receptor antagonist losartan(More)
Skin pigmentation is an important human phenotypic trait whose regulation, in spite of recent advances, has not yet been fully understood. The pigment melanin is produced in melanosomes by melanocytes in a complex process called melanogenesis. The melanocyte interacts with endocrine, immune, inflammatory and central nervous systems, and its activity is also(More)
This article presents a method for crop row structure characterization that is adapted to phenotyping-related issues. In the proposed method, a crop row 3D model is built and serves as a basis for retrieving plant structural parameters. This model is computed using Structure from Motion with RGB images acquired by translating a single camera along the row.(More)
This study aimed to validate the antihypertensive activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibitor whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) obtained through the action of proteolytic enzymes from Cynara Cardunculus. The antihypertensive activity of WPH fractions containing peptides with molecular weight below 3kDa (Whey<3kDa) and 1kDa (Whey<1kDa) along(More)
In this paper we propose a model for coordinating teams of computational agents. This model is especially aimed for coordinating agents performing in a simulated environment of forest firefighting, although it may be used in other domains. We will start by introducing the Pyrosim platform where we are carrying out our experiments. Pyrosim is a tool(More)
Phenylethanolamine-N-methyltransferase knockout (Pnmt-KO) mice are unable to synthesize epinephrine and display reduced contextual fear. However, the precise mechanism responsible for impaired contextual fear learning in these mice is unknown. Our aim was to study the mechanism of epinephrine-dependent contextual learning. Wild-type (WT) or Pnmt-KO(More)
The synergy of carbapenem combinations regarding Enterobacteriaceae producing different types of carbapenemases was study through different approaches: flow cytometry and computational analysis. Ten well characterized Enterobacteriaceae (KPC, verona integron-encoded metallo-β-lactamases -VIM and OXA-48-like enzymes) were selected for the study. The cells(More)
ii This dissertation is the result of my own work and includes nothing which is the outcome of work done in collaboration except where specifically indicated in the text. This dissertation does not exceed the word limit of 60'000 words. Artigo 48º, § 3º-" A Faculdade não responde pelas doutrinas expendidas na dissertação. " Regulamento da Faculdade de(More)
A Faculdade não responde pelas doutrinas expendidas na dissertação. desta dissertação: (2012) Tlx3 and Runx1 act in combination to coordinate the development of a cohort of nociceptors, thermoceptors, and pruriceptors. Ontogeny of excitatory spinal neurons processing distinct somatic sensory modalities.
Artigo 48o, § 3o " A Faculdade não responde pelas doutrinas expendidas na dissertação " (Regulamento da Faculdade de Medicina do Porto, Decreto-Lei nº 19 337 de 29 de Janeiro de 1931) Professores Efectivos Na Division of Biology, CalTech, gostaria de agradecer a todos os que contribuí-ram para que a minha estadia fosse tão agradável e aos preciosos(More)