Daniel Moritz

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The authors briefly review the literature on the use of toluene as an intoxicating agent. They describe two cases in which the habit of sniffing toluene vapors extended over many years, discuss the rarity of this condition, and speculate about the conditions that might account for both the rarity and the occurrence of long-term toluene abuse.
OBJECTIVE The ability to judge other people's personality characteristics and to know how we are viewed by others are important aspects of social cognition. The present study tested the impact of depressive symptoms and low self-esteem on self-other agreement and the accuracy of metaperception (i.e., how we believe others view us) across the Big Five(More)
The purposes of this study are to identify the nursing diagnoses occurring in an oncology population, to validate these using the clinical validation model, and to determine whether clusters of defining characteristics and etiologies occurred among the diagnoses identified. Secondary analysis was conducted using the patient care records of 48 oncology(More)