Daniel Morillo

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Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is a rare clonal disease. To date, many reviews and series have been described. We report the experience of our center by presenting a review of 56 PNH patient cases with an average age at diagnosis of 38 yr and follow-ups beginning at approximately 40 yr; the median survival rate was 11 yr. The average clonal size(More)
Bailey-Lovie-Ferris visual acuity charts and Teller visual acuity cards were used to compare recognition and grating visual acuity at near testing distances in 32 children with anisometropic amblyopia without strabismus. Appropriate optical corrections were worn. Test-retest intraobserver reliability was higher for letters (r =.95) than for gratings (r =(More)
BACKGROUND Forced-choice tests (FCTs) were proposed to minimize response biases associated with Likert format items. It remains unclear whether scores based on traditional methods for scoring FCTs are appropriate for between-subjects comparisons. Recently, Hontangas et al. (2015) explored the extent to which traditional scoring of FCTs relates to the true(More)
Association meetings for helpful comments and/or discussion. I am especially grateful to Kevin Hallock for invaluable comments and support. Abstract This study explores the effects of attending predominantly-female high schools on labor market outcomes. The existing literature about these schools is quite limited, and most research focuses on role-model(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to test the effect of an irrelevant external distracter included in a computer-administered visual search test. Two hypotheses were tested: (a) If the distracter affects performance, attention efficiency will be lowered; (b) if children do not habituate to the distracter, performance will be lower for every item of the test. (More)
Self-report personality questionnaires, traditionally offered in a graded-scale format, are widely used in high-stakes contexts such as job selection. However, job applicants may intentionally distort their answers when filling in these questionnaires, undermining the validity of the test results. Forced-choice questionnaires are allegedly more resistant to(More)
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