Daniel Miller

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Recent face recognition experiments on a major benchmark (LFW [15]) show stunning performance-a number of algorithms achieve near to perfect score, surpassing human recognition rates. In this paper, we advocate evaluations at the million scale (LFW includes only 13K photos of 5K people). To this end, we have assembled the MegaFace dataset and created the(More)
Analyzing the integration profile of retroviral vectors is a vital step in determining their potential genotoxic effects and developing safer vectors for therapeutic use. Identifying retroviral vector integration sites is also important for retroviral mutagenesis screens. We developed VISA, a vector integration site analysis server, to analyze(More)
The TNM classification is a worldwide benchmark for reporting the extent of malignant disease and is a major prognostic factor in predicting the outcome of patients with cancer. The objectives for cancer staging were defined by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) TNM Committee almost 50 years ago and are still broadly applicable today. To keep(More)
We have developed learning and interaction algorithms to support a human teaching hierarchical task models to a robot using a single demonstration in the context of a mixed-initiative interaction with bi-directional communication. In particular, we have identified and implemented two important heuristics for suggesting task groupings based on the physical(More)
The usual approach to developing video games for people with visual impairment is sensory substitution. Elements of the visual display are replaced with auditory and/or haptic displays. Our approach differs. The purpose of the Finger Dance project is to research and develop accessible solutions to games that are inherently audio: musical rhythm-action games(More)
Recent face recognition experiments on the LFW [12] benchmark show that face recognition is performing stunningly well, surpassing human recognition rates. In this paper, we study face recognition at scale. Specifically, we have collected from Flickr a Million faces and evaluated state of the art face recognition algorithms on this dataset. We found that(More)
Silicon-photonics is an emerging technology that can overcome the tradeoffs faced by traditional electrical I/O. Due to ballooning development costs for advanced CMOS nodes, however, widespread adoption necessitates seamless photonics integration into mainstream processes, with as few process changes as possible. In this work, we demonstrate a(More)
This talk reports on research by nine anthropologists who each simultaneously carried out a 15 month ethnography on the use and consequences of social media in field sites ranging from the Syria-Turkey border, an IT complex in south India to both a factory and a rural town in China, a squatters settlement in Brazil, a mining town in Chile, an English(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) plays a key role in tumor angiogenesis, and blockade of VEGF receptor 2 (VEGFR-2), with the monoclonal antibody DC101, inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth. To examine the short-term effects of DC101, we surface transplanted the squamous cell carcinoma cell line A5-RT3 onto nude mice. After short-term treatment(More)