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The paper proposes two approaches to test scheduling. The first one utilizes the concept of TACG (Test Application Conflict Graph). For the testing process the resource utilization model is defined and used for the TACG construction. Different conflicts that must be taken into account during test scheduling are presented. The paper offers a methodology that(More)
guarantees the running of computer laboratories, servers and information systems both for education and research process. Students have an unrestricted access to all systems during work and weekend days. The laboratory is equipped with various computer architecture servers: Sun Enterprise 450, HP 9000/800, IBM RS/6000, FreeBSD and Linux systems on Intel(More)
In the paper, our research activities are described briefly. In the beginning, two different methodologies for the identification of registers to be included into the partial scan chain and principles of their implementation are described. One of them is based on the utilisation of genetic algorithms, the other one on the identification of feedback loops.(More)
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