Daniel Marks

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Brainstem A2/C2 neurons are catecholamine (CA) neurons within the solitary tract nucleus (NTS) that influence many homeostatic functions, including cardiovascular reflexes, food intake, and stress. Because NTS is a major interface between sensory visceral afferents and the CNS, NTS CA neurons are ideally suited to coordinate complex responses by their(More)
BACKGROUND Ulcerative colitis (UC) is widely viewed as a leukocyte-mediated disorder. Although strong evidence implicates an exuberant response to microbial components in its pathogenesis, no intrinsic immune defect has been identified and the underlying pathogenic mechanisms remain obscure. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The acute immune response to(More)
Many overlay-based distributed applications employ TCP for the communication between peer nodes. Typically, the TCP connections of one peer will all share one physical Internet link. Using real-world network experiments, we demonstrate that this can lead to undesirable interactions between overlay links, resulting in oscillations and suboptimal throughput.(More)
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