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This paper reports the design and implementation of a secure, wide area network, distributed filesystem by the ExTENCI project (Extending Science Through Enhanced National Cyber Infrastructure) based on lustre. The filesystem is used for remote access to analysis data from the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and(More)
The role of perceptual organization in motion analysis has heretofore been minimal. In this work we present a simple but powerful computational model and associated algorithms based on the use of perceptual organizational principles, such as temporal coherence (or common fate) and spatial proximity, for motion segmenta-tion. The computational model does not(More)
The front end of many motion analysis algorithms is usually a process that generates bounding boxes around each moving object, roughly segmenting the objects from the background. Processing to finely define the moving object boundary can follow, but only within these rough bounding boxes. In this paper, we consider a method that exploits the structure and(More)
The subject of the study was demonstration whether and in what extent different amounts of nitrates and nitrites in the diet affect the utilization of beta-carotene by rat organism. The level of vitamin A in the liver was accepted as an indicator of this utilization in accordance with the method of combined balance studies and liver test; additionally the(More)
The limit levels of potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite were determined in the diet of rats receiving orally beta-carotene. Two 30-day biological experiments were done on male Wistar rats standardized for vitamin A level in the liver. The animals were given semisynthetic diet, without vitamin A, containing definite amounts of potassium nitrate or sodium(More)
In the study the levels of nitrates and nitrites were determined in certain vegetables used in preparation of meals for hospitalized children. The material studied comprised vegetables taken in three seasons of the year: autumn, winter, spring. Nitrates and nitrites were determined by the colorimetric method with Griess reagent after previous reduction of(More)