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— In this paper, we present an integrated navigation system that allows humanoid robots to autonomously navigate in unknown, cluttered environments. From the data of an on-board consumer-grade depth camera, our system estimates the robot's pose to compensate for drift of odometry and maintains a heightmap representation of the environment. Based on this(More)
Customer investigations in the banking industry are carried out in connection with prosecutions, administration of estates or other legal actions. The Investigation & Inquiries department of Credit Suisse has to handle approximately 5000 customer investigations per year. So far, the investigation process was very complex, time consuming and costly: Several(More)
—In this paper, we present an integrated approach for robot localization, obstacle mapping, and path planning in 3D environments based on data of an onboard consumer-level depth camera. We rely on state-of-the-art techniques for environment modeling and localization, which we extend for depth camera data. We thoroughly evaluated our system with a Nao(More)
— In this paper, we present an approach to obstacle detection for collision-free, efficient humanoid robot navigation based on monocular images and sparse laser range data. To detect arbitrary obstacles in the surroundings of the robot, we analyze 3D data points obtained from a 2D laser range finder installed in the robot's head. Relying only on this laser(More)
Accurate and reliable localization is a prerequisite for autonomously performing high-level tasks with humanoid robots. In this article, we present a probabilistic localization method for humanoid robots navigating in arbitrary complex indoor environments using only onboard sensing, which is a challenging task. Inaccurate motion execution of biped robots(More)