Daniel M. Wood

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The myiasis-causing flies Cuterebra grisea (Coquillet) and Cuterebra fontinella (Clark) (Diptera: Oestridae) are normally parasites of mice, predominantly of the genus Peromyscus. The morphological similarities of these species and the existence of intermediate morphotypes bearing characters of both species make the identification of adults problematic;(More)
Many, but not all, infants born to mothers infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are infected in utero. We have now shown that mothers who have high-affinity/avidity antibodies directed toward the principal neutralizing domain (PND) of gp120 are less likely to transmit HIV to their children. An ELISA that preferentially measures the level of(More)
Many examples exist of biological self-assembled structures that restructure in response to external stimuli, then return to their previous state over a defined time scale, but most synthetic investigations so far have focused on systems that switch between states representing energetic minima upon stimulus application. Here we report an approach in which(More)
Exothermic iron oxidation is an elegant means to generate heat, with the potential to modulate barrier penetration if reaction kinetics can be controlled. This aim of this study was to gain a fundamental understanding of how these temperature change kinetics influenced barrier diffusion rate. Lidocaine transport through a hydrophilic carboxymethyl cellulose(More)
Facial Paralysis-Miller BRITSHr 819 in the treatment of this condition is lacking, but it is possible that in really adequate dosage it would prove as effective as the less convenient pituitary hormone: a careful trial of early treatment with the oral preparation would be a very suitable project for the Research Committee of the College of General(More)
Over the last decade molecular containers have been increasingly studied within the context of complex chemical systems. Herein we discuss selected examples from the literature concerning three aspects of this field: complex host-guest behaviour, adaptive transformations of molecular containers and reactivity modulation within them.
A focused library of potential hydrogelators each containing two substituted aromatic residues separated by a urea or thiourea linkage have been synthesised and characterized. Six of these novel compounds are highly efficient hydrogelators, forming gels in aqueous solution at low concentrations (0.03-0.60 wt%). Gels were formed through a pH switching(More)