Daniel M. Vu

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Corneal hysteresis (CH) has been associated with visual field damage in glaucoma and is related to the velocity of perimetric glaucoma progression. We undertook this investigation to determine whether CH is associated with structural markers of glaucoma damage on spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT). In this retrospective study, 131(More)
Escherichia coli CspA is a member of the cold shock protein family. All cold shock proteins studied to date fold rapidly by an apparent two-state mechanism. CspA contains an unusual cluster of aromatic amino acids on its surface that is necessary for nucleic acid binding and also provides stability to CspA (Hillier et al., 1998). To elucidate the role this(More)
Corneal epithelial stem cells or limbal stem cells (LSCs) are responsible for the maintenance of the corneal epithelium in humans. The exact location of LSCs is still under debate, but the increasing need for identifying the biological processes in the limbus, where LSCs are located, is of great importance in the regulation of LSCs. In our current study we(More)
Escherichia coli cold shock protein, CspA, folds very rapidly (time constant, tau = 4 msec) by an apparent two-state mechanism. However, recent time-resolved infrared (IR) temperature-jump experiments indicate that the folding trajectory of CspA may be more complicated. The sole tryptophan of wild-type CspA (Trp11), which is used to monitor the folding(More)
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