Daniel M. Schneider

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This book the first of its kind is subdivided into five thematic parts. Part I, looks at narrow and broadband channel characterization based on measurements from around the globe. Taking into account current regulations and electromagnetic compatibility, Part II describes MIMO signal processing strategies and related capacity and throughput estimates.(More)
Marriage patterns differ dramatically in the United States by race and education. The author identifies a novel explanation for these marital divides, namely, the important role of personal wealth in marriage entry. Using event-history models and data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 cohort, the author shows that wealth is an important(More)
This article takes a new approach to gender and housework by identifying a new measure of gender deviance--work in gender-atypical occupations--and by arguing that men who do "women's work" and women who do "men's work" in the labor market may seek to neutralize their gender deviance by doing male- and female-typed work at home. Analysis of data from the(More)
The American healthcare system is in a moment of tremendous change. Spurred on by inflating costs, changing patient needs and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health care providers are scrambling to meet new demands and challenges. Nurses are at the center of these changes. In addition to the increasingly prominent role of Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) and(More)
Doorways to Dreams Fund This paper reports the results of a 2009 study of a representative sample of US households regarding their risk exposures, risk-bearing capacity, and coping mechanisms. The risk studied is a financial shock requiring an outlay of $2000 within 30 days. Households perceive the likelihood of encountering this financial shock as being(More)