Daniel M. Pavuk

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The effects of habitat area and fragmentation are confounded in many studies. Since a reduction in habitat area alone reduces patch size and increases patch isolation, many studies reporting fragmentation effects may really be documenting habitat-area effects. We designed an experimental landscape system in the field, founded on fractal neutral landscape(More)
Habitat area and fragmentation are confounded in many ecological studies investigating fragmentation effects. We thus devised an innovative experiment founded on fractal neutral landscape models to disentangle the relative effects of habitat area and fragmentation on arthropod community patterns in red clover (Trifolium pratense). The conventional approach(More)
LONGHORNED BEETLES (COLEOPTERA Cerambycidae) are an important component of temperate forest ecosystems.  We trapped longhorned beetles in forests in northwest Ohio during 2008 to test the hypothesis that larger forests have greater species diversity than smaller forests.  Large forests had a significantly greater cerambycid species richness than small(More)
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