Daniel M Panisko

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CONTEXT Clinical context may act as both an aid to decision making and a source of bias contributing to medical error. The effect of clinical history, a form of clinical context, on the diagnostic accuracy of the physical examination is unknown. METHODS We randomised internal medicine residents to receive either no history or a short stem suggestive of(More)
BACKGROUND Morning report is an interactive case-based teaching session common to internal medicine training programs across North America. DESCRIPTION We report here on a morning report web log ("blog"), created and updated after morning report sessions by the Chief Medical Resident with pertinent clinical topics, links to journal articles, and medical(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the impact of a formal mentoring program on time to academic promotion and differences in gender-based outcomes. METHODS Comparisons of time to promotion (i) before and after implementation of a formal mentoring program and (ii) between mentored and non-mentored faculty matched for covariates. Using paired-samples t-testing and mixed(More)
BACKGROUND Standardized doctor's orders are replacing traditional order writing in teaching hospitals. The impact of this shift in practice on medical education is unknown. It is possible that preprinted orders interfere with knowledge acquisition and retention by not requiring active decision-making. The objective of the study was to evaluate the impact of(More)
PURPOSE Rating scales are frequently used for scoring assessments in medical education. The effect of changing the structural elements of a rating scale on students' examination scores has received little attention in the medical education literature. This study assessed the impact of making the numerical values of verbal anchors on a rating scale available(More)
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