Daniel M. Muñoz Arboleda

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Floating-point operations are an essential requisite in a wide range of computational and engineering applications that need good performance and high precision. Current advances in VLSI technology raised the density integration fast enough, allowing the designers to develop directly in hardware several floating-point operations commonly implemented in(More)
Omnidirectional vision systems have been used for mobile robots localization and navigation, taking advantage of a panoramic view for detecting objects. This paper presents a pipelined hardware architecture for image processing using a low cost omnidirectional vision system, which was calibrated using a three-order polynomial interpolation. An Altera(More)
—The large execution times demanded for solving complex optimization problems in embedded systems is one of the main challenges in the field of engineering optimization. One solution is the acceleration by a specialized hardware implementation. However, this is coming along with a loss of flexibility especially for the realization of the(More)