Daniel M Moy

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Please cite this paper as: The mouse frizzy (fr) and rat 'hairless' (fr(CR)) mutations are natural variants of protease serine S1 family member 8 (Prss8). Experimental Dermatology 2010; 19: 527-532. Abstract: We have previously suggested (based on genetic mapping analysis) that the allelic 'fuzzy' and 'hairless' mutations in the rat are likely orthologues(More)
This study introduces a rat model of cocaine abstinence syndrome based on quantitation of spontaneously emitted behaviors following termination of continuous drug exposure (analogous to established methods of assessing morphine and nicotine abstinence). Groups of eight male S-D rats were infused SC for 7 days via an osmotic minipump with saline alone or(More)
Visualization of the catheter during ultrasound-guided continuous nerve block performance may be difficult but is an essential skill for regional anesthesiologists. The objective of this in vitro study was to evaluate 2 newer catheters designed for enhanced echogenicity and compare them to a widely used catheter not purposely designed for ultrasound(More)
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