Daniel M. Litynski

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In FY2006 the NSDL program will accept two types of proposals: 1) From the current set of three tracks, Pathways, Services, and Targeted Research, the program will accept proposals only in the Pathways track. 2) Requests for supplements to existing awards from other tracks within the NSDL program, including active Collections projects, will also be(More)
 Bloom's Taxonomy is a broadly used framework categorizing and differentiating outcomes of learning and acquisition of knowledge. Among the three domains of learning identified by Bloom – cognitive, affective, and psychomotor – outcomes assessment in engineering and technology education has focused principally on the cognitive domain. Recently, university(More)
A fast and accurate A/D converter is the most important component for the connection between the real life applications and the information age revolution. The computer processing speed has gone up by leaps and bounds making the information revolution a reality. However, A/D conversion speed has not kept up and is still a main bottleneck. In this paper, we(More)
 The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) at Western Michigan University has initiated several strategic studies and programs to shape and direct the next five to ten years. With new leadership in the college and the University, the college began a major self-study and planning activity in Fall 1999 to reassess mission, vision, goals, and(More)
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