Daniel M. Levin

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In this study we examined the effectiveness of three scaffolding conditions on middle school, high school, and undergraduate students’ learning about the circulatory system using hypermedia as indicated by their posttest scores on four learning measures using pretest scores as a covariate. The learning measures included a matching and labeling task, an(More)
Whereas environmental health education is rapidly becoming a global priority, it still receives little attention in schools. This paper describes a U.S. National Library of Medicine program, aiming to support environmental health education in grades 6-12 in U.S. schools. The program has four components: (1) developing reliable online resources that provide(More)
In the era of growing concerns about human-induced climate change and sustainable development, it is important for the schools to prepare students for meaningful engagement with environmental policies that will determine the future of our society. To do this, educators need to face a number of challenges. These include deciding on the science knowledge and(More)
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