Daniel M. Jenkins

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Isothermal nucleic-acid amplification methods such as Loop-Mediated isothermal AMPlification (LAMP) are increasingly appealing alternatives to PCR for use in portable diagnostic system due to the low cost, weight, and power requirements of the instrumentation. As such, interest in developing new probes and other functionality based on the LAMP reaction has(More)
We report on the use of a novel non-instrumented platform to enable a Loop Mediated isothermal Amplification (LAMP) based assay for Salmonella enterica. Heat energy is provided by addition of a small amount (<150 g) of boiling water, and the reaction temperature is regulated by storing latent energy at the melting temperature of a lipid-based engineered(More)
[1] Knowledge of the rock types and pressure-temperature conditions at crustal depths in an active orogeny is key to understanding the mechanism of mountain building and its associated modern deformation, erosion and earthquakes. Seismic-wave velocities by themselves generally do not have the sensitivity to discriminate one rock type from another or to(More)
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