Daniel M. Hall

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private equity firm, has announced that the winner of its Inaugural Africa MBA Business Plan Competition is a four-person MBA team from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. The theme of the Competition was Microfinance Applications in Sub-Saharan Africa. it will receive a $3,000 prize. The third-place prize of $2,000 will be given to the(More)
To determine the part played by screening in detecting visual defects questionnaires were sent to 240 families with blind or partially sighted children identified from the Family Fund's database. Questions were asked on social and family background, the visual disorder and its severity, any other disability, and how and when the disabilities were discovered(More)
  • D M Hall
  • 1992
After the Second World War, as the incidence of infectious and nutritional disorders declined, professionals and parents began to seek more precise diagnosis and more effective therapy for children with cerebral palsy, mental handicap and related disorders. Although a handful of exceptional men and women had shown what could be accomplished (Shonkoff &(More)
We investigated the feasibility and cost of screening all neonates for hearing loss using the auditory response cradle (ARC). At least three full time staff are needed to screen 95% of the 3000 infants delivered each year including those in intensive care. Estimated costs per case detected are between pounds 3000 and pounds 6000 but true costs may be higher.