Daniel M. Faria

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We present a preliminary description and results of a system to help the curation of genome assembly and annotation. Standard tools are used for these tasks, and our methodology focuses on user guidance, data visualization and integration, and data browsing aspects. IV BSB 31 Favor ver os Anais do Simpósio em Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics(More)
The bristle-spined porcupine, Chaetomys subspinosus, an endemic rodent from Atlantic Forest, was considered to be abundant in the recent past, but population reductions due to habitat loss and expansion of human activities caused this species to be included in the "vulnerable" category of the World Conservation Union Red List. We performed the first genetic(More)
The effects of carbachol and atropine on the number of trains (NT) and on the train stimulus strength (SS) necessary to induce arrhythmia were studied in isolated right atria of infant, young, adult and mature rats submitted to electric field stimulation (66.7 Hz, 5 ms pulse-duration, 250 pulses). Carbachol (1 μM) decreased NT from four (control) to two in(More)
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