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We investigated the relationship between stimulus similarity for a set of parameterized shapes and the spatial scale of neural representation within subregions of the lateral occipital complex (LOC) using a carryover functional magnetic resonance imaging design. In ventral but not lateral LOC, a linear recovery from adaptation proportional to shape(More)
A central focus of cognitive neuroscience is identification of the neural codes that represent stimulus dimensions. One common theme is the study of whether dimensions, such as color and shape, are encoded independently by separate pools of neurons or are represented by neurons conjointly tuned for both properties. We describe an application of functional(More)
Sensorimotor-based theories of semantic memory contend that semantic information about an object is represented in the neural substrate invoked when we perceive or interact with it. We used fMRI adaptation to test this prediction, measuring brain activation as participants read pairs of words. Pairs shared function (flashlight-lantern), shape(More)
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