Daniel M Branco

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The purpose of this study was to assess the cortical representation of sensorimotor functions in patients undergoing perirolandic epilepsy surgery, focusing on somatotopy, mosaicism, and variability of function in relation to the classic motor homunculus. The authors studied 36 patients in whom intraoperative or extraoperative electrical cortical(More)
The ability to effectively identify eloquent cortex in close proximity to brain tumours is a critical component of surgical planning prior to resection. The use of electrocortical stimulation testing (ECS) during awake neurosurgical procedures remains the gold standard for mapping functional areas, yet the preoperative use of non-invasive brain imaging(More)
Lateralization of memory by functional MRI (fMRI) may be helpful for surgical planning related to the medial temporal lobe (MTL). Most fMRI memory studies have calculated lateralization indices (LI) in the MTL from suprathreshold voxels only, but the selection of threshold remains highly arbitrary. We hypothesized that LIs could be reliably extracted from(More)
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