Daniel M. Anderson

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We consider the solidiication of a binary alloy in a mushy layer and analyse the linear stability of a quiescent state with speciic interest in identifying an oscillatory convective instability. We employ a near-eutectic approximation and consider the limit of large far-eld temperature. These asymptotic limits allow us to examine the dynamics of the mushy(More)
We examine a fluid dynamic model for the evolution of a precorneal tear film that includes evaporation of the aqueous layer and a wetting corneal surface. Our model extends previous work on the break-up time for a post-blink tear film to include a more realistic model for evaporation. The evaporation model includes the effects of conjoining pressure and(More)
We develop a complete set of equations governing the evolution of a sharp interface separating two fluid phases undergoing transformation. In addition to the conventional balances for mass, linear momentum, and energy these equations include also a counterpart of the Gibbs–Thomson equation familiar from theories for crystal growth. This additional equation(More)
It is widely accepted that alkaline phosphatase activity (APA) is an efficient indicator of phosphate limitation in freshwater phytoplankton communities. In this study, we investigated whether the response in APA to phosphate limitation differs among the taxa in a mixed phytoplankton assemblage. We used the new enzyme-labeled fluores-cence (ELF) technique,(More)
We present a diffuse-interface treatment of the internal gravity waves which have been observed experimentally by Berg et al. in xenon near its thermodynamic critical point. The results are compared with theoretical predictions by Berg et al. that were obtained using separate models above and below the critical temperature T c. The diffuse-interface model(More)
BACKGROUND Polymorphisms in the proinflammatory cytokine genes tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF) and lymphotoxin-alpha (LTA, also called TNF-beta) have been associated with asthma and atopy in some studies. Parental smoking is a consistent risk factor for childhood asthma. Secondhand smoke and ozone both stimulate TNF production. OBJECTIVES Our goal was(More)
We explore the problem of a moving free surface in a water-saturated porous medium that has either a homogeneous or a periodically heterogeneous permeability field. We identify scaling relations and derive similarity solutions for the homogeneous, constant coefficient case in both a Cartesian and an axisymmetric, radial coordinate system. We utilize these(More)