Daniel M. Alongi

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The global significance of carbon storage in Indonesia’s coastal wetlands was assessed based on published and unpublished measurements of the organic carbon content of living seagrass and mangrove biomass and soil pools. For seagrasses, median above- and below-ground biomass was 0.29 and 1.13 Mg C ha−1 respectively; the median soil pool was 118.1 Mg C ha−1.(More)
Dead fine roots are the major component of organic carbon (C) stored in mangrove forests. We measured the mass and decomposition of fine root detritus in three mangrove forests along an intertidal gradient in tropical Australia to provide the first integrated estimates of the rate of turnover of fine root detritus. The grand mean dry masses of dead fine(More)
Mangroves in rapidly expanding Southeast Asian river deltas form floristically simple zones dominated by a few highly regenerative species adaptable or tolerant to rapid sedimentation and extensive river flooding. The size class distribution, community composition and spatial structure of five representative mangrove forests in the rapidly expanding Cimanuk(More)
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