Daniel Lysaker

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In this paper, we study the problem of scheduling tasks on a distributed system, with the aim to simultaneously minimize energy consumption and makespan subject to the deadline constraints and the tasks’ memory requirements. A total of eight heuristics are introduced to solve the task scheduling problem. The set of heuristics include six greedy algorithms(More)
A computational grid is a distributed computational network, enabled with software that allows cooperation and the sharing of resources. The energy consumption of these large-scale distributed systems is an important problem. As our society becomes more technologically advanced, the size of these computational grids and energy consumption continue to(More)
Fig. 1: (Left) Absolute gravimeter FG5-226, (Right) Absolute gravimeter A10-020. Acknowledgements: The study is part of UMB's Nova-GOCE project supported by the Norwegian Research Council under project number 197635 and is carried out in the framework of UMB's ESA-category-1 project 4294 Application and Validation of GOCE and remote sensing data with focus(More)
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