Daniel Lusher

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BACKGROUND In hemispatial neglect, space can be dissociated on the basis of "near" peripersonal vs "far" extrapersonal space. The clinical manifestations of neglect can be modified by having patients use a tool to explore "far" extrapersonal space. An explanation for this is that the use of a stick produced an extension of body space resulting in a(More)
Mapping ideas from cyberspace to realspace: visualizing the spatial context of keywords from web page search results Ming-Hsiang Tsou a , Ick-Hoi Kim a , Sarah Wandersee a , Daniel Lusher a , Li An a , Brian Spitzberg b , Dipak Gupta c , Jean Mark Gawron d , Jennifer Smith e , Jiue-An Yang a & Su Yeon Han a a Department of Geography, San Diego State(More)
The process by which social movements move through time and space can be understood as a process of innovation diffusion of memes or ideas. This process of diffusion may be traceable through computational linguistics and map geocoding of the linguistic memes employed by such movements. A Visualizing Information Space In Ontological Networks (VISION) method(More)
Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are frequently used as a method of locating web users by researchers in several different fields. However, there are competing reports concerning the accuracy of those locations, and little research has been done in manually comparing the IP geolocation databases and web page geographic information. This paper categorized(More)
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