Daniel Lohn

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In this paper we present a control theory approach to stabilize the throughput of threads for real-time applications on a multithreaded processor. We use a statistical model of a super scalar, multi-threaded processor as transfer function to calculate the resulting IPC rate. Our control theory approach is not limited to a specific processor and can be(More)
In this paper we model a thread’s throughput, the instruction per cycle rate (IPC rate), running on a general microprocessor as used in common embedded systems. Our model is not limited to a particular microprocessor because our aim is to develop a general model which can be adapted thus fitting to different microprocessor architectures. We include stalls(More)
Today, many embedded applications are real time systems. Therefore, besides correct functionality they have to guarantee execution time bounds. To put it in other words, an embedded real-time system needs a good worst case performance. Additionally, the power and energy consumption is of great importance. Usually dynamic power and frequency scaling(More)
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