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Mutations in the transcriptional repressor methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2) are responsible for most cases of Rett Syndrome (RS), a severe neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by developmental regression, minimal speech, seizures, postnatal microcephaly and hand stereotypies. Absence of the maternal copy of ubiquitin protein ligase 3A (UBE3A)(More)
OBJECTIVE Over the past 5 years, the interest in alternative therapies for menopause has increased dramatically due to the findings of the Women's Health Initiative (U.S. National Institutes of Health). Menoprogen, a traditional Chinese medicine formulation is an herbal remedy that has been used in China for the management of menopause-related symptoms. An(More)
The present study aimed to evaluate the pharmacological effects of Menoprogen in the management of menopausal symptoms for aged female rats. Menoprogen was supplemented to a group of elderly female rats for 8 weeks. Subsequently, histopathological examinations were conducted in the isolated uterine and ovary tissues and pituitary glands of the rats. Serum(More)
Hepatic ischemia and reperfusion injury (IRI) is an inflammatory condition and a significant cause of morbidity and mortality after surgery. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have been widely implicated in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. Among the different MMPs, gelatinases (MMP-2 and MMP-9) are within the most prominent MMPs detected during(More)
BACKGROUND The appropriateness of a software platform for rapid MRI assessment of the amount of salvageable brain tissue after stroke is critical for both the validity of the Extending the Time for Thrombolysis in Emergency Neurological Deficits (EXTEND) Clinical Trial of stroke thrombolysis beyond 4.5 hours and for stroke patient care outcomes. AIMS The(More)
Catalpol, an iridoid glycoside obtained from various natural sources, has many biological functions. However, its ovarian failure-resistant effect has scarcely been studied. The present study used senile 14-month-old Sprague-Dawley female rats to examine the in vivo ovarian failure-resistant activity of catalpol. Daily oral graded doses of catalpol (1, 3,(More)
Real-Time Bidding allows an advertiser to purchase media inventory through an auction system that unfolds in the order of milliseconds. Media providers are increasingly being integrated into such programmatic buying platforms. It is typical for a contemporary Real-Time Bidding system to receive millions of bid requests per second at peak time, and have a(More)
A MAb (B16G) which recognizes a constant epitope on TsC and their soluble factors in DBA/2 mice has been described previously. In this study, we show that when this MAb is covalently linked to the photoactivable molecule Hp, and injected i.v. into P815 tumor-bearing mice which were subsequently exposed to light, tumors undergo permanent regression in(More)
The effect of Menoprogen (MPG) on ovarian granulosa cell (GC) apoptosis was investigated in vitro and in vivo in an aged rat model of menopause. Intragastric administration of Menoprogen or estradiol valerate to 14-month-old senile female rats for eight weeks increased plasma E2 levels, as well as the weight of both ovarian and uterine tissues. Flow(More)
OBJECTIVE Menoprogen (MPG), a traditional Chinese medicine formula for menopause, improves menopausal symptoms; however, its mechanism remains unknown. Previous studies have shown that MPG is not directly estrogenic; thus, the goal of this study was to investigate the effects of MPG on insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin-like growth factor(More)