Daniel Light

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National legislation that increased the role of accountability testing has created pressure to use testing data, along with other data, for instructional decision-making. Connected to this push for data-driven decisionmaking, is the increased interest in data delivery systems or Management Information Systems (MIS) in education. But, before administrators(More)
Postmortem cornea retrieval rates are inadequate to meet transplantation demands. Comparison of annual deaths versus donations (1982 to 1985) between Eisenhower Army Medical Center and the Medical College of Georgia reveals that Eisenhower had lower rates of cornea donation. Attitudinal surveys showed that physicians omitting organ donation requests rarely(More)
With the growing need to adapt to external competitive demands and internal accountability mechanisms, schools and school systems have built up large-scale information systems with data from standardized tests and with administrative data. With reference to findings in research on management information systems, key aspects and constraints of data-driven(More)
With the continuing decline in costs of technology, programs are proliferating worldwide to put networked laptop computers into the hands of millions of students on a routine basis. The reasons policy-makers support these programs are based on economic arguments, equity concerns, and widespread interest in education reform. Studies of laptop programs in(More)
This paper presents findings from case studies of the introduction of the Intel® Teach Essentials Course—a professional development program focused on integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) into project-based learning—into six schools in Chile, India, and Turkey. We describe four common dimensions of change in learning environments(More)
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