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Wolbachia pipientis is the most common bacterial infection in the animal world and wields a vast influence on invertebrate reproduction, sex determination, speciation, and behavior worldwide. These avenues of research have made seminal gains, including the latest use of Wolbachia to alter mosquito populations and a strengthened focus on using anti-Wolbachia(More)
Hypertonia of the upper limb due to spasticity causes pronation of the forearm and flexion of wrist and fingers. Nowadays this spasticity is often treated with injections of botulinum toxin and sometimes with selective fascicular neurotomy. To correctly perform this microsurgical technique, it is necessary to get precise knowledge of the extramuscular nerve(More)
Despite the widespread use of measured real-world materials, intuitive tools for editing measured reflectance datasets are still lacking. We present a solution inspired by natural image matting and texture synthesis to the <i>material matting</i> problem, which allows separating a measured spatially-varying material into simpler foreground and background(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine, during anterior plating of the distal radius, the length of a screw above which there is a risk for the extensor tendons and the optimal shape of an anterior plate. It was also to determine the projection of the axis of the distal third of the radius on the distal articular surface in case of wrist(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Fractures of the scaphoid must be diagnosed quickly to avoid persistent nonunion and the risk of osteoarthritis. Despite meticulous physical examination and adequate x-ray detection, numerous occult fractures still go unrecognized. The aim of this prospective study was to analyze the pertinence of quantitative radio-scintigraphy (QRS)(More)
Neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction is frequent, due to lesions of the central and/or peripheral somatic and/or autonomic nervous system whose role is to ensure the regulation and control of lower urinary tract function. Due to the presence of both smooth and striated muscle cells in structures of the lower urinary tract, nerve pathways and nerve(More)
One case of isolated traumatic dislocation of the radial head in a 59-years-old female secondary to an injury in pronation and extension of the non dominant left elbow is reported. Treatment consisted of immediate closed reduction followed by immobilisation in a plaster cast with the elbow flexed at 110 degrees, for 10 days. An MRI scan 2 months after the(More)
PURPOSE Trapeziectomy remains the surgery of choice in the treatment of trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis. Some authors consider the collapse of the trapezial space responsible for a loss of strength and intracarpal deformities. We report our experience of partial trapeziectomy with chondrocostal autograft as an interposition material. METHODS The study(More)
INTRODUCTION Bone defect in the upper limb remain infrequent with few reported in the literature. Their reconstruction raises the problem of bone union of non weight-bearing segments as well as the function of adjacent joints. We report a monocentric continuous series of nine patients treated with the induced membrane technique (Masquelet technique). (More)
INTRODUCTION Distal radius fractures are common. In cases where surgical treatment is needed, volar plates can be used to obtain stable, long-lasting fixation. The design of these plates has continually improved over the years, but complications remain a problem. PURPOSE The goal of this study was to evaluate the types of complications that occur with(More)