Daniel Le Bourhis

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Full-term development has now been achieved in several mammalian species by transfer of somatic nuclei into enucleated oocytes [1, 2]. Although a high proportion of such reconstructed embryos can evolve until the blastocyst stage, only a few percent develop into live offspring, which often exhibit developmental abnormalities [3, 4]. Regulatory epigenetic(More)
The origin of sex reversal in XX goats homozygous for the polled intersex syndrome (PIS) mutation was unclear because of the complexity of the mutation that affects the transcription of both FOXL2 and several long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs). Accumulating evidence suggested that FOXL2 could be the sole gene of the PIS locus responsible for XX sex reversal, the(More)
This review aims at giving an overview on the physiological events leading to puberty onset in mammals and more specifically in cattle. Puberty is an important developmental milestone in mammals involving numerous changes in various physiological regulations and behaviors. It is a physiological unique event integrating several important central regulations(More)
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