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OBJECTIVE We analysed and mapped the distribution of four reportable sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydial infection/non-gonococcal urethritis (chlamydial infection), gonorrhoea, primary and secondary syphilis (syphilis), and HIV infection, for Wake County, North Carolina, to optimise an intervention. METHODS We used STD surveillance data reported to(More)
Comparison of published reports on physiological effects of exposure to ozone (O3) suggests that Canadians are more reactive than southern Californians. Responses of subjects and experimental methods were compared in a cooperative investigation of this apparent difference in reactivity. Four Canadians and four Californians were exposed to 0.37 ppm O3 in(More)
Adult male volunteers were exposed to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at 1.0 ppm in purified air under conditions simulating ambient photochemical smog exposures (2-hr exposure with intermittent light exercise at 31 degrees C and 35% relative humidity). Sham exposures to purified air alone served as controls. Exposure effects were assessed by pulmonary physiological(More)
Because of the possible threat to public health posed by photochemical air pollution, a need exists for experimental studies of short-term respiratory effects of air pollutant exposure in humans. Such studies require rigorous control and comprehensive documentation of the experimental air environment and exposure conditions to ensure that results are both(More)
multijunction solar cell with efficiency >50% Marina S. Leite, Robyn L. Woo, Jeremy N. Munday, William D. Hong, Shoghig Mesropian, Daniel C. Law, and Harry A. Atwater J. Thomas Watson Department of Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1200 E California Blvd., Pasadena, California 91125-9500, USA Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology,(More)
The Ozone Profiling Atmospheric Lidar is a scanning four-wavelength ultraviolet differential absorption lidar that measures tropospheric ozone and aerosols. Derived profiles from the lidar data include ozone concentration, aerosol extinction, and calibrated aerosol backscatter. Aerosol calibrations assume a clear air region aloft. Other products include(More)
This poster presents an environment and set of pedagogical strategies designed to explore how best to use blocks-based programming tools to prepare learners for future, text-based programming languages. Starting with the snap! programming environment, we added the capability to view the JavaScript equivalent of any blocks-based script authored inside the(More)
This paper presents the design of a 449-MHz radar for wind profiling, with a focus on modularity and solid-state transmitter design. It is one of the first wind profiler radars to use low-cost Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) power amplifiers (PAs) combined with spaced antennas. The system is portable and designed for 2–3 month(More)
In this study, we report synthesis of large area (>2cm), crack-free GaAs and GaInP double heterostructures grown in a multi-junction solar cell-like structure by MOCVD. Initial solar cell data are also reported for GaInP top cells. These samples were grown on Ge/Si templates fabricated using wafer bonding and ion implantation induced layer transfer(More)