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This poster presents an environment and set of pedagogical strategies designed to explore how best to use blocks-based programming tools to prepare learners for future, text-based programming languages. Starting with the snap! programming environment, we added the capability to view the JavaScript equivalent of any blocks-based script authored inside the(More)
Large area, crack-free GaInP / GaAs double junction solar cells were grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition on Ge/ Si templates fabricated using wafer bonding and ion implantation induced layer transfer. Photovoltaic performance of these devices was comparable to those grown on bulk epi-ready Ge, demonstrating the feasibility of alternative(More)
—This paper presents the design of a 449-MHz radar for wind profiling, with a focus on modularity and solid-state transmitter design. It is one of the first wind profiler radars to use low-cost Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) power amplifiers (PAs) combined with spaced antennas. The system is portable and designed for 2–3 month(More)
In this study, we report synthesis of large area (>2cm 2), crack-free GaAs and GaInP double heterostructures grown in a multi-junction solar cell-like structure by MOCVD. Initial solar cell data are also reported for GaInP top cells. These samples were grown on Ge/Si templates fabricated using wafer bonding and ion implantation induced layer transfer(More)
This report provides the results of measurements that were conducted on a 404.37 MHz wind profiler located in Platteville, Colorado. These measurements included: radiated spectra (both high and low mode), radiated harmonic and subharmonic power measurements, characterization of the antenna frequency response, determination of the radiated antenna gain(More)
I have attached the document, Proposal for a Wall Climbing Robot, which outlines our proposed project for ENSC 440/305. Our goal is to design and implement a wall climbing robot that can navigate around a vertical surface and also transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces. This proposal provides an overview of our design, design parameters,(More)
We demonstrate high quality InAlAs epitaxial growth by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy and wide band gap solar cell fabrication. X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy were used to characterize the crystalline quality of the epitaxial InAlAs grown. InAlAs solar cells lattice-matched to InP were grown and electrically characterized under AM(More)
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