Daniel Lau

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Structured light illumination refers to a scanning process of projecting a series of patterns such that, when viewed from an angle, a camera is able to extract range information. Ultimately, resolution in depth is controlled by the number of patterns projected which, in turn, increases the total time that the target object must remain still. By adding a(More)
High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) methods in computational photography address situations where the dynamic range of a scene exceeds what can be captured by an image sensor in a single exposure. HDRI techniques have also been used to construct radiance maps in measurement applications; unfortunately, the design and evaluation of HDRI algorithms for use in(More)
Computer manufacturers have been applying Six Sigma for continuous quality improvement and Lean Manufacturing for reducing process waste in order to maximally meet customer requirements. However, top computer manufacturers are now realizing the design and production with advanced capability for early failure detection, fault diagnostic and prediction will(More)
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