Daniel Lai

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Visually examining RNA structures can greatly aid in understanding their potential functional roles and in evaluating the performance of structure prediction algorithms. As many functional roles of RNA structures can already be studied given the secondary structure of the RNA, various methods have been devised for visualizing RNA secondary structures. Most(More)
OBJECTIVES The impact of culture on mental health has been inadequately researched. This study examines the effect of cultural factors on the depressive symptoms reported by elderly Chinese immigrants in Canada. METHOD Data from 1537 elderly Chinese immigrants who took part in a cross-sectional multisite survey on the health and well-being of older(More)
This paper describes a Hong Kong MTR Corporation subway project to enhance and extend the current Web-based Engineering Works and Traffic Information Management System (ETMS) with an intelligent " AI Engine. " The challenge is to be able to fully and accurately encapsulate all the necessary domain and operation knowledge on subway engineering works and to(More)
Screening for mutations in human disease-causing genes in a molecular diagnostic environment demands simplicity with a view to allowing high throughput approaches. In order to advance these requirements, we have developed and applied a primer design program, termed BatchPD, to achieve the PCR amplification of coding exons of all known human Refseq genes.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine the factor structure of a Chinese version of the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) with a sample of community dwelling elderly Chinese in Canada. METHOD The data for this study were obtained from a larger study examining the health and culture of 2,272 older Chinese aged 55 years and above in seven major(More)
e-RNA offers a free and open-access collection of five published RNA sequence analysis tools, each solving specific problems not readily addressed by other available tools. Given multiple sequence alignments, Transat detects all conserved helices, including those expected in a final structure, but also transient, alternative and pseudo-knotted helices.(More)
In Hong Kong, elderly patients discharged from hospital are at high risk of unplanned readmission. The Integrated Care Model (ICM) program is introduced to provide continuous and coordinated care for high risk elders from hospital to community to prevent unplanned readmission. A multidisciplinary working group was set up to address the requirements on(More)