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We have used monoclonal antibodies AP-1 (anti-GP Ib alpha). AP-2 (anti-GP IIb-IIIa) and FMC 25 (anti-GP IX) in immunofluorescence and immunocytochemical studies on megakaryocytes (MK) isolated from a Bernard-Soulier syndrome (BSS) patient whose giant platelets were characteristically deficient in GP Ib-IX complexes. Electron microscopy showed that the(More)
Recent advances have resulted in the elucidation of the principal molecular pathways of platelet function. Parallel studies have led to the identification of glycoprotein antigens whose presence at the platelet surface indicates an activated state. Such markers include GMP-140 and other glycoproteins of intracellular membranes whose translocation requires(More)
The fate of lignin in water and sediment of the Garonne river (France) and of a pond in its floodplain was examined using specifically labeled [14C-lignin] lignocelluloses. No significant differences appeared in the mineralization rate of alder, poplar or willow [14C-lignin] in running water samples. Conversion of total radioactivity to 14CO2 ranged between(More)
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