Daniel L. Vargas

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Malaria is endemic on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, with year-round transmission. In 2004 an intensive malaria control strategy primarily based on indoor residual spraying (IRS) was launched. The limited residual life of IRS poses particular challenges in a setting with year-round transmission, such as Bioko. Recent reports of outdoor biting by Anopheles(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies demonstrated that fewer mosquitoes enter houses which are screened or have closed eaves. There is little evidence about the effect on malaria infection in humans that changes in house construction may have. This study examines the impact of protective housing improvements on malaria infection on Bioko Island. (More)
There have been many recent reports that the rate of outdoor biting by malaria vectors has increased. This study examined the impact this might have on malaria transmission by assessing the association between exposure to outdoor bites and malaria infection on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Responses to questions about time spent outside the previous(More)
The impact of importation of falciparum malaria from mainland Equatorial Guinea on malaria infection in non-travellers and travellers on Bioko Island was examined. Malaria indicator surveys were conducted in 2013 and 2014 to assess the association between malaria infection and travel to the mainland. Infection in non-travellers was compared in(More)
AIM To test the effect of two commercial brands of grey mineral trioxide aggregate (ProRoot and MTA-Angelus) on cytokine production by M1 and M2 inflammatory macrophages. METHODOLOGY M1 (from C57BL/6 mice) and M2 peritoneal inflammatory macrophages (from C57BL/6 IL12p40-/- mice) were obtained and cultured in vitro in the presence of MTA. The cellular(More)
The LOCKSS system is a leading technology in the field of Distributed Digital Preservation. Libraries run LOCKSS boxes to collect and preserve content published on the Web in PC servers with local disk storage. They form nodes in a network that continually audits their content and repairs any damage. Libraries wondered whether they could use cloud storage(More)
Epidemiological survey and microscopical diagnosis point out that toxoplasmosis is a cosmopolitan infection usually with percentages of positivity higher than 20 per cent. Even in places with prosperous economical conditions the human infections can be relatively high due to the habit of eating raw meat or not properly exposed to temperatures lethal to(More)