Daniel L Toweill

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We hypothesized that acute brain injury results in decreased heart rate (HR) variability and baroreflex sensitivity indicative of uncoupling of the autonomic and cardiovascular systems and that the degree of uncoupling should be proportional to the degree of neurological injury. We used HR and blood pressure (BP) power spectral analysis to measure(More)
Background and Study Aims. Most available jumbo cup forceps require a 3.7 mm biopsy channel, necessitating the use of standard-sized colonoscope. A newer jumbo forceps (Radial Jaw 4 Jumbo Biopsy Forceps [RJ4]) fits within a 3.2 mm biopsy channel, allowing use with a pediatric colonoscope. To assure the RJ4 did not alter biopsy adequacy, we compared the size(More)
Gastric hyperplastic polyps in organ transplant recipients have been recently described; however, the clinical significance of hyperplastic polyps in this setting remains unclear. The aim of this study is to further characterize the clinical presentation and histopathology of gastric hyperplastic polyps in organ transplant recipients as compared to(More)
OBJECTIVE Neuroautonomic modulation of heart rate (HR) and blood pressure were assessed in sepsis or septic shock. We hypothesized that these metrics would be diminished in pediatric patients with sepsis and septic shock, indicating uncoupling of the autonomic and cardiovascular systems. DESIGN Prospective case series. SETTING Pediatric intensive care(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether heart rate variability metrics provide an accurate method of monitoring depth of anesthesia, assessing the response to painful stimuli, and assessing neuroautonomic regulation of cardiac activity in children receiving propofol anesthesia for short-duration procedures. DESIGN Prospective, case series. SETTING Sixteen-bed(More)
Objectives Juvenile polyps involving the stomach are uncommon. Massive gastric juvenile polyposis is even rarer. Methods We describe the clinicopathologic features of nine cases of massive gastric juvenile polyposis. Results All patients had anemia; four had hypoalbuminemia. The polyps were composed predominantly of dilated crypts lined by columnar(More)
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