Daniel L. Morris

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Interest in producing gas-phase nucleic acid ions 1a-g has been stimulated by recent mass spectrometry (MS) based sequencing strategies for biomolecules. 2a-h Recently mass spectra for plasmid and linear DNAs having molecular weights of 10 6-10 8 daltons have been recorded. 3a-c In contrast to the wealth of structural data for nucleic acids in solution,(More)
Selective hits for the glutaredoxin ortholog of Brucella melitensis are determined using STD NMR and verified by trNOE and (15)N-HSQC titration. The most promising hit, RK207, was docked into the target molecule using a scoring function to compare simulated poses to experimental data. After elucidating possible poses, the hit was further optimized into the(More)
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