Daniel L. Gould

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This review summarizes and integrates current empirical and theoretical research on arousal regulation strategies for enhancing athletic performance. The need to view arousal as a multifaceted construct made up of both cognitive and physiological components was emphasized, as well as the importance of understanding arousal-performance relationship theories(More)
We describe some issues in designing and building educational Java applets for an introductory computer graphics course. The design problem involves balancing educational goals of building intuition about fundamental concepts in a domain against heterogeneity both in subject material and in student backgrounds. We present our design approach for resolving(More)
This document provides an overview of selected medical issues that are important to team physicians who are responsible for the care and treatment of athletes. It is not intended as a standard of care, and should not be interpreted as such. This document is only a guide, and as such, is of a general nature, consistent with the reasonable, objective practice(More)
BACKGROUND Early sport specialization is not a requirement for success at the highest levels of competition and is believed to be unhealthy physically and mentally for young athletes. It also discourages unstructured free play, which has many benefits. PURPOSE To review the available evidence on early sports specialization and identify areas where(More)
Eight esophageal speakers used multiple-choice intelligibility training materials in a self-administered practice regimen. "Before" and "after" test tapes were made and scored for intelligibility. A naive group and the speakers themselves served as listeners. Both sets of scores showed proportionally similar improvements in intelligibility.
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