Daniel L. Coyne

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BACKGROUND The use of thermotherapy or hot water treatment (HWT) is recommended for the management of plant-parasitic nematodes and other pathogens for a range of planting material, especially vegetatively propagated crops including yams, Dioscorea spp. The sprouting (germination) and consequent viability of yam following HWT, however, appear to be(More)
Plant-parasitic nematodes are present on maize but resistant genotypes have not been identified in Uganda. This study was aimed at determining the level of nematode resistance among F(1) hybrids, and to estimate grain yield, heterosis and yield losses associated with maize hybrids under nematode infestation. The 30 F(1) hybrids and two local checks were(More)
Maize is the most important cereal food crop is sub-Saharan Africa though yields are below their potential. Among the factors which limit yield, drought stress is one of the most pervasive. The ability of a crop to produce grain under drought (water) stress is governed by many factors including nematodes. The aim of the current study was to determine the(More)
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