Daniel Lübbert

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Differences in mosaicity between lysozyme crystals grown inside and outside a homogeneous magnetic field of 2.4 T and with and without agarose gel were investigated by X-ray diffraction rocking-curve measurements. High angular resolution was achieved using an Si(113) four-reflection Bartels monochromator. The results show that (i) all crystals were highly(More)
An extension of the theoretical formalism of Fresnel diffraction to the case of an inclined image plane is proposed. The resulting numerical algorithm speeds up computation times by typically three orders of magnitude, thus opening the possibility of utilizing previously inapplicable image analysis algorithms for this special type of a non shift-invariant(More)
The Ga(84)R(20)(4-) [R = N(SiMe(3))(2)] species, which represents the largest metalloid cluster entity structurally characterized so far, has been electronically and topologically modified: Via changing the redox potential of the reaction solution, crystals different from those containing the Ga(84)R(20)(4-) anion can be isolated, featuring similar(More)
Image magnification via twofold asymmetric Bragg reflection (a setup called the "Bragg Magnifier") is a recently established technique allowing to achieve both sub-micrometer spatial resolution and phase contrast in X-ray imaging. The present article extends a previously developed theoretical formalism to account for partially coherent illumination. At a(More)
Synchrotron radiation imaging methodes have been proven to be highly suitable for investigations in materials research and non-destructive evaluation. The intense flux and partial spatial coherence available at modern synchrotron light sources allows one to work with high resolutions and different contrast modes. This articles gives an overview about(More)
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